In the central part of Greece there is a remote area called the "little Switzerland of Greece".  The area in Greek is known as Evritania and the central town is named Karpenisi.  (Most people when they refer to Karpenisi are also referring to the whole region of Evritania, the words will be used interchangeably.)


As a result of this region being as remote as it is, it has remained pretty underdeveloped.  In fact it remains one of the poorest areas of all of Greece.  Much famine and war has inflicted this part of Greece -- right after World War II Greece was torn by a civil war and  the province of Evritania was the site of many ugly battles.  It is important throughout your travels to this part of Greece to be sensitive to the past suffering of the people of this region and to its continued poverty.


Behind this tough yet proud history, there exist pristine forests, beautiful rivers and lakes.  Most of Greece is arid and dry but in Karpenisi there is much greenery and forestation.  While far away from the sea and the world renown islands of the Aegean and Ionian, Karpenisi has become an important ski center and an outdoors person's play ground.  In fact during the summer it is a great place to escape the heat.


This is a great place to get a flavor of what traditional Greece is like.  We recommend that you add this destination to your itinerary.


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